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Data Modeling 1




Choose one the following topics;Local Church or Community Group;Hospital;Library;Charitable Organization;United States Government;Using your chosen topic, identify at least one example of a one-to-one relationship, one-to-many relationship and a many-to-many relationship.;Document the relationships you identified by justifying/explaining each of the relationship examples. Describe in terms of how both entities are related to each other. Each example should be one or two sentences.;Create a visual representation of the relationships in an entity relationship diagram. The ERD should include: entity names, attributes, relationships and unique identifiers.;For each entity, provide at least eight instances of sample data. This should be done in Microsoft Word. Create a table for each entity with attributes as columns and the sample data instances as rows. Your chosen sample data should help illustrate the relationship types.;Deliverable: One Word document with;Name of chosen topic;Relationship type examples with justifications;ERD;Sample data;Fill out acoording to provided sample and template, Must be orginal and non plagarized


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