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Exception handling should be used on all numeric input and when searching the array(s).;Exercise 1. (20 points): The Billy Goat Fast-Food restaurant sells the following products;Product;Price;Fat (grams);Cheeseburger;$2.49;23;Pizza;$2.75;15;Fries;$1.50;25;Salad;$4.25;1;Chips;$0.59;12;Pepsi;$1.00;0;Write an application that displays the menu to the user and allows them to enter a product continuously until a sentinel value is entered. After each product is entered, display its price and fat content or the message ?Sorry, we do not carry that?.;After all products have been entered, display the total price for the order.;Note: a sentinel value is a predetermined value entered by the user to stop the process "Enter a number from 1-3, or Q to quit" Q would be the sentinel value that would stop the input process.


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