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Magic 8 Ball Game Visual Logic




1. Using Visual Logic, create the logic for a Magic 8 Ball game in which the user enters a question such as ?What does my future hold?? The computer randomly selects one of eight possible vague answers, such as ?It remains to be seen.?;start;Declarations;num LIMIT = 8;num index;string userQuestion;string QUIT = ?zzzz?;string ANSWERS[LIMIT] =;?As I see it, yes?;?It is certain?;?Signs point to yes?;?It remains to be seen?;?Reply hazy, try again?;?Outlook not so good?;?Cannot predict now?;?My sources say no?;getReady();while userQuestion <> QUIT;detailLoop();endwhile;finishUp();stop;getReady();output ?Enter a question or ?, QUIT, ? to quit?;input userQuestion;return;detailLoop();index = random(LIMIT);output ANSWERS[index];output ?Enter a question or ?, QUIT, ? to quit?;input userQuestion;return;finishUp();output ?End of program?;return


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