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The purpose of this assignment is to write program in pynxc to control the Lego Mindstorms robot to locate a ball and push it into a goal area




The physical setup: The soccer area will consist of half of the area of the black walled soccer field. Your robot should begin at a position on the wall opposite to the soccer goal, facing towards the goal. The IR ball will be located in an arbitrary location (not pinned against a wall so that you can't get to it). You need to locate, then push the ball into the goal area.;To locate the ball you should consider making a rotational sweep taking IR sensor readings. Note the range of compass angles for which a value of 5 is returned and compute a central value. You may then be able to use the ultrasound sensor to estimate the distance to the ball in that direction. You probably don't want to drive exactly to the ball position, but rather to a location from which you can drive forward to push the ball to the goal. Of course if your first push doesn't work, you may need to repeat the search process and try again.;You will also need to keep track of your robot's location in the soccer area. You should probably do a calibration step so that you can write simple functions to go a specified physical distance straight ahead or rotate the robot a given number of degrees. You should try to track all movements that you have made to track your current position. You can also take ultrasound sensor readings in the directions of the walls to determine a basic location if you know the size of the area. Your goal position will be known to you from the start.


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