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Power Point Lab #2 (Due 10/7/13 before Midnight);Posted on: Wednesday, October 2, 2013;Power Point Lab #2 (Due 10/7/13 before Midnight);Enhancing a Presentation with Pictures and Shap;Create a total of 6 slides.;The first slide is the title of thepresentation with your name and the date.;Pick one of the following topics for yourpresentation and research it on the Internet;1. Bendable Computer Interfaces;2. HTML5;3. Touch Interface Computing;4.;Add the following ideas from your lab tutorialfor PowerPoint Lab #2;1. Use a picture (photo) for the background of one slide;2. Use a shape and add text to it.3. Select an effect of your choice from the tutorial.;Remember to write in your own words though you canuse pictures/graphics taken from the web.;Name the PowerPoint file YourNamePowerPoint2.Turn your work in on Blackboard under Content.


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