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Write a class called AssignmentFive with the following methods. All input and output on the command line NO dialog boxes. Remember to use the most efficient logic when you write the program.;main method: do exactly the following, no more and no less;say hi from your full name;skip a line, say PART ONE, then skip a line;call the hotOrColdOutside method;skip a line, say PART TWO, then skip a line;ask the user what his name is;assign the user's name to variable of type String called myName;ask the user what his body temperature is;assign the number entered by the user to a variable of type double named myTemperature;call the determineFever method, sending it the value of the variables myName and myTemperature;skip a line, say PART THREE, then skip a line;ask the user what the water temperature is (whole numbers only);assign the number entered by the user to a variable of type int named liquidTemperature;call the isBoiling method, sending it the value of the variable liquidTemperature;assign the boolean value returned from isBoiling method to a variable named boiling;if boiling is true, say "The water is boiling. Be careful.;if boiling is false, say "The water is not boiling. A watched pot never boils.;skip a line, say bye from your full name, then skip a line;hotOrColdOutside method;this method takes no arguments and has no return value;inside this method;ask the user what the temperature is outside;if it is 80 or above, say "It is very hot outside.;if it is greater than or equal to 60 and less than 80 say "It is very nice outside;if it is below 60 say "It is very cold outside.;determineFever method;this method has two parametesr: a String called yourName and a double, named bodyTemperature;this method returns nothing;this method says "Hello ____, you have a fever. Take some aspirin." if the value of the variable bodyTemperature is above 98.6;Fill in the blank with the value of the variable yourName;if the bodyTemperature is less than or equal to 98.6, say "Hello ___, you have no fever. You may go to the movies.;Fill in the blank with the value of the variable yourName;isBoiling method;this method has one parameter: an int, named waterTemperature;this method returns a boolean;this method determines if the value of the variable waterTemperature is boiling;if the water is boiling, the method returns true;if the water is not boiling, the method returns false;water boils at 212 (so 212 or greater is boiling);Test your program thoroughly;Draw memory for the entire program, showing memory for all variables used;use whatever user input you would like;Be sure to draw the "chinese wall" between the parts of memory for each method;draw memory using the methodology we have been using in class


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