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Problem;Please send completed assignment format (zip the whole solution folder);Any instructions required to run the assignment should be provided in a README.txt file included in the completed assignment.;Task;Create an in-memory, read-only book database. The database is to be loaded using the data in the BookDatabase.xml file (provided).;You must start the application using the following command from the command prompt;BookDatabase;in Visual Studio 2010.;The application must then prompt you with the following options;search by keyword [kw];search by title [t];search by price [p];list [l];The user must then enter one of the following;kw;t;p;l;If the user entered one of kw, t, or p, then the application will prompt the user to enter the appropriate value that is one of a keyword, a title, or a price. The application will then perform an appropriate search of the XML file database and display any matches found or ? No Match ?.;When searching by price the expected result is the list of books with the entered price value.;If the user entered ?l?, then the application would list all books in the database.;When displaying a book, the application must include the title, price and the list of authors.;The application should handle any invalid user input, responding with an appropriate error message.


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