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BSA375 Service Request SR-rm-004, Part 2 (BSA/375 Riordan Manufacturing SR-rm-004 part 2)




BSA375 Riordan Manufacturing SR-rm-004 part 2 (***** 5 Pages + APA Format + Diagrams + References *****);Service Request SR-rm-004, Part 2;BSA 375 Riordan Manufacturing SR-rm-004 part 2;Complete Section 2 of 3 for the final paper due in Week Four. This week?s assignment incorporates the transition from analysis to design. You may consider revising Section 1 based upon faculty feedback. Prepare a 4-6 page paper that accomplishes the following;- Describe the application architecture and process design.;- Include a high-level description of the security controls that you recommend for the design of this HR system. Apply the tools of systems analysis to describe the information system?s architecture in terms of data, processes, interfaces, and network.;- Draw the physical data flow diagrams. Use Microsoft ? Visio ? to prepare examples of flow charts and data flow diagrams.;Cite and discuss 3 to 4 references, in addition to the required readings, that are relevant to the assignment. Include citations and references, using the University of Phoenix approved style.;Service Request SR-rm-004, Part 2;BSA 375 Service Request SR-rm-004, Part 2;BSA/375 Service Request SR-rm-004, Part 2;BSA375 Service Request SR-rm-004, Part 2;BSA375 Riordan Manufacturing SR-rm-004 part 2;U can also Download BSA 375 Service Request SR-rm-004, Part 3 (Just Click On below Link);


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