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already started and the first home work submitted need some one to complete it;The class already started up to December;TMGT 471 Production Planning and Control;Class Time: Anytime Class Location: Online;Department of Applied Engineering Technology Management;Text;Hopp WJ, Spearma n ML (2008) Factory Physics. 3 E d. Waveland Press, Inc., Long Grove, IL;ISBN: 978-1-57766-739-1.;Course Description;The main goal of any manufacturing organization is the creation of wealth. In an effort to predict, control and extract the maximum amount of efficiencies in these organizations flexible, and cost effective manufacturing systems are required. Modern day manufacturing systems are highly intertwined with social, economic and political systems. This class aims to introduce students to these systems and then explain in detail how manufacturing systems cope in a volatile and global market place.;Course Objectives 1. Be able to explain the historical underpinnings of modern day production/manufacturing systems 2. Be able to s olve aggregate planning problems 3. Be able to solve problems associated with control and planning issues using deterministic or stochastic modeling 4. Demonstrate operation scheduling methods in a multi-product manufacturing system;Prerequisites;This course assumes a familiarity with linear equations (which should be covered in MET 215), basic statistics, and rates of change over time.;Course website;Blackboar d:;Grading Scheme;Activity;Points;Percentage Allocation;Exam 1;75;15%;Exam 2;75;15%;Final Exam 3;75;15%;Home Work;100;20%;Final Project;150;25%;Participation/Attendance;50;10%;Total Points;500;100%;Grading Scale;Percent;Letter Grade;0.00%;-;59. 99 %;F;59. 99 %;-;62. 99 %;D-;62. 99 %;-;66. 99 %;D;66. 99 %;-;69. 99 %;D+;69.99 %;-;72. 99 %;C-;72. 99 %;-;76. 99 %;C;76. 99 %;-;79. 99 %;C+;79. 99 %;-;82. 99 %;B-;82. 99 %;-;86. 99 %;B;86. 99 %;-;89. 99 %;B+;89. 99 %;-;93. 99 %;A-;93. 99 %;-;97. 99 %;A;97. 99 %;-;100%;A+;Technology Requirements;I would strongly recommend that you all possess the following: 1. A scientific calculator 2. Internet access 3. Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint;Saving & Submitting files;When submitting your assignments in blackboard I you are expected to save your file name as your own name. For example;AlisterMcLeod.docx


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