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YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO PART 2 OF THIS ASSIGNMENT, I AM ATTACHING MY ESSAY HERE YOU JUST HAVE TO CREATE A POWERPOINT WITH PICTURES AND SOUNDS REFERRING TO MY ESSAY. 10-15 SLIDES. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE OVER DONE, JUST SIMPLE. I JUST DONE HAVE THE TIME TO DO IT, IT IS DUE TOMORROW OCTOBER 2.;Sonography Overview and Clinical Simulation: Why or Why Not Sonography;This assignment is the major source of your final grade for this class. It is an opportunity to reflect and soul-search. Please be honest, as your project will help direct you on the correct path to success.;Part One: Write a two page essay entitled ?Why Sonography? or ?Why Not Sonography?. This must be a scholarly essay. You must use at least four references in your essay and they must be cited properly, both in the body of the paper as well as a reference page.;Required Elements;Part One (Paper);Title page, introduction, body, conclusion, and references.;Discuss why you became interested in sonography.;Discuss the qualities of a sonographers and why they are important to your success.;Discuss how your responsibility as a sonography student is related to the responsibility of the faculty and clinical preceptors and in turn to your success as a student of Sonography.;Reflect on your experience in this class and during your lab simulation. Explain how these experiences helped you to determine if sonography is a ?good fit? for you.;If you have doubts about sonography, what other fields interest you? Why?;Part Two (Presentation);1. Prepare a short PowerPoint presentation (10-15 minutes) about your journey based on the information contained in your essay. Be creative and incorporate ultrasound images into your presentation.;2. The essay and presentation will be graded on content, grammar, spelling, use of technology and format.;Note: You must use APA style. References must be cited in essay and the PowerPoint presentation. If you do not know how to write in the APA style, you can get help in the library (LRC). There are also several sources online that can help you do your citations.;Use the rubric provided to ensure that you have all components to achieve the highest possible score.;Item addressed;100;90;70-80;50-60;0;Required Elements;All parts of essay and presentation (the project) were completed thoroughly, some extra;Project has been mostly completed, no extra;Project has been approximately half completed;About 30-45% of project was completed;Project was not turned in;Comprehensiveness;Detail/Thoroughness;Project was detailed and thorough, not OVER done, useful by learner;Project was less than thorough or had entirely too much detail,? confusing;Some detail included, Needed more information;Info was not comprehensive at all, no detail, not useable by learner;No detail at all, not done;Relevance;Information chosen was relevant and timely, useful to the learner;Information chosen was somewhat relevant && timely;partially useful to the learner;Some or Little relevance to the learner;Very poor relevance to learner;No relevance to learner;Grammar/APA style;Excellent grammar/ APA style utilized, no mistakes;Very good grammar utilized, 4 or fewer mistakes;Good grammar utilized, 5-10 mistakes;Some grammar issues, several mistakes;Severe grammar issues, Multiple mistakes, learner needs academic referral;Technology;Power Point or other presentation software used with more than four images.;Power Point or presentation software used with three images;Power Point software used, one to two images;Power Point used, no images, slides very crowded;No technology used;Citation;All information is cited, no plagiarism;Most information is cited;Half or less of information is cited;Very little of the information is cited;No citations used


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