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EET 316 Microprocessor & Digital Systems Lab Course using Xilinx ISE Design Suite 13.2 program




Introduction;Pulse circuits are essential in most digital system, and are used for a number of function other than providing clocking signals. A circuits that subtracts one form its output is such a circuit allowing it to cycle through a finite sequence.;Objective;The object of this project this project is to design a combinational decrement circuit with a 4-bit input (a3a2a1a0) and a 4-bit output (s3s2s1s0);Such that s3s2s1s0 = a3a2a1a0 -1;Pre Lab;- Construct the truth table for a 4-bit decrement circuit (let the sequence cycle back to the start).;- Use Karnaugh maps to determine the expressions for the out puts.;- Obtain the minimized expressions for the outputs in sum-of-products format.;- Implement the design as a tow-Level AND-OR structure.;In Lab;- Implement and simulate the design using the Xilinx ISE software.;- Program the design from Xilinx ISE into the digital AtlysTM board by using four toggle switches to provide the inputs and four LEDs as outputs.;Report;- A brief and concise description of the project as shown above (use your own words).;- All pre-Lab work clearly shown.;- Print outs of the simulation plot(s), the circuit diagram, and any other relevant files used for the project.;- A brief concluding remarks.;- The signed signature page below.


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