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CASE RUNNING Chapter 9;Several people working on the Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project are confused about who needs to do what for the testing portion of the project. Recall that the team members include you, a programmer/analyst and aspiring project manager, Patrick, a network specialist, Nancy, a business analyst, and Bonnie, another programmer/analyst. Tony Prince is the project manager, and he has been working closely with managers/analyst. tony prince is the project manager and he has been working closely with managers in other department to make sure everyone knows what's going on with the project.;Prepare a responsibility assignment matrix based on the information: the maintasks that need to be done for testing include writing a test plan, unit testing, integration testing for each of the main system modules (registration, tracking and incentives), system testing and user acceptance testing. In addition to the project team members, there is a team of user representatives available to help with testing and Patrick has also hired an outside consulting firm to help as needed. Prepare a RACI chart to help clarify roles and responsibilities for these testing tasks. Document key assumptions you make in preparing the chart.;(The above case has been adapted from Information Technology Project Management, six Edition, Kathy Schwalbe, Chap 9)


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