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information technology project management chapter 10




Several issues have arisen on the Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project. The person from the HR department supporting the project left the company, and the team really needs more support from that group. One of the members of the user group supporting the project is extremely vocal and hard to work with, and other users can hardly get a word in at meetings. The project manager, Tony, is getting weekly status reports from all of his team members, but many of them do not address challenges people are obviously facing. The team is having difficulties deciding how to communicate various project reports and documents and where to store all of the information being generated. Recall that the team members include you, a programmer /analyst and aspiring project manager, Patrick, a network specialist, Nancy, a business analyst, and Bonnie, another programmer/analyst.;1. create a stakeholder management strategy for the project. include at least four stakeholders. be creative in developing potential managment strategies.


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