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THIS QUESTION IS CLOSED:Composition using Visual Studio and C++




This Needs to becompleted using Visual Studio Only! It can be downloaded for free here:;STEP 1: Create a Multifile Project for the Composition Lab;1. Add three classes to the project: a Filter class, a Capacitor class, and a Resistor class.;2. You may use the Resistor class files from the Week 2 lab for this lab.;3. The Capacitor class should be modeled after the Resistor class for class members and operation.;STEP 2: Filter-Class Definition;The Filter class should have, at a minimum, the following capabilities.;a resistor-object data member;a capacitor-object data member;a cutoff frequency (in Hertz) of the RC filter;maximum and minimum cutoff frequencies, based on the maximum and minimum in-tolerance values of the capacitor and the resistor object;a filter type, either low pass or high pass;allow the user to enter new values for the filter, including;6.1. resistor tolerance and nominal resistance;6.2. capacitor tolerance and nominal capacitance, and;6.3. filter type;provides the ability to write all capacitor, resistor, and filter data members to a formatted text file and allows the user to name the file;provides the ability to read all capacitor, resistor, and filter data members from a formatted text file and allows the user to enter the file name and correctly handles a file-not-found error;STEP 3: Test-Program Operation;All data-input and data-display operations (cin and cout) should be done in the function main() test program.;The test program should instantiate at least one object of the class Filter.;The user should enter values for all the data members of the Filter, Resistor, and Capacitor classes.;The Filter class should then calculate and display the correct maximum and minimum cutoff frequencies.;The test program should then display all Filter, Resistor, and Capacitor data members.;Example Code: (This example code is for all the file in the project it will be split over 7 diffent filess);#include;#include;using namespace std;class CResistor;private;double nominalValue;double tolerance;double minimumValue;double maximumValue;public;CResistor();nominalValue = 100;tolerance = 10;computeResistorLimits();void computeResistorLimits();minimumValue = nominalValue*(1-tolerance/100);maximumValue = nominalValue*(1+tolerance/100);void enterResistor();cout<<"Please enter value of resistance"< >nominalValue;cout<<"Please enter tolerance of resistor (i.e. 10 for 10% tolerance)"< >tolerance;computeResistorLimits();void displayResistor();cout<nominalValue;cout<<"Please enter tolerance of capacitor (i.e. 10 for 10% tolerance)"< >tolerance;computeCapacitorLimits();void displayCapacitor();cout<


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