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Research practicing teachers' Web sites for ideas and strategies on classroom arrangement, structure, activities, and organization. Choose four favorites (two for the Birth-PK setting and two for the K-3 environment) and create a blog entry extolling the virtues of the chosen sites.;List the specific examples you have located and justify why they are outstanding examples of supportive learning environments for young learners.;List the Web site addresses. If the teacher provides an email, you may want to write a short thank you note and acknowledgement for sharing their ideas so freely. This is not required as part of the assignment, but it is respectful and supportive to recognize the work of others in the field.;Review at least two other student entries and discuss, within the blog, the merits of the Web sites, or why you may not agree that the chosen site is a good example.;In addition to the blog entry, create a chart, table, or matrix that presents your detailed analysis of the Web sites.;In order to create your blog, go to or a similar site and create a new blog. If you already have a Google account, you may sign in with that information. If not, click Create a Blog and fill out the information to create a new Google account that you can use with this blog.


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