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1.;COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT;Which data communications method could result in RSIs?;A) VoIP;B) e-mail;C) instant messaging;D) text messaging;2.;Developers of freeware rely on the honor system, trusting users to send payment if software use extends beyond the stated trial period.;A) True;B) False;3.;What kind of software allows users to combine text, graphics, audio, video, and animation into an interactive application?;A) multimedia management;B) multimedia authoring;C) multimedia publishing;D) multimedia editing;4.;Many graphics and multimedia programs incorporate user-friendly interfaces and/or have scaled-down versions, making it possible for the home and small business users to create documents using these programs.;A) True;B) False;5.;Most personal finance software includes financial planning features, such as analyzing home and personal loans, preparing income taxes, and managing retirement savings.;A) True;B) False;6.;Which of the following kinds of software provides a means for sharing, distributing, and searching through documents by converting them into a format that can be viewed by any user?;A) Tax preparation;B) Business;C) Document management;D) Accounting;7.;Designers and graphic artists can print finished publications on a color printer, take them to a professional printer, or post them on the Web in a format that can be viewed by those without what kind of software?;A) VSP;B) DTP;C) ISP;D) CAD;8.;Professional DTP software is ideal for the production of high-quality color documents such as textbooks, corporate newsletters, marketing literature, product catalogs, and annual reports.;A) True;B) False;9.;Note taking software can store notes in handwritten form.;A) True;B) False;10.;Most spreadsheet software like that shown in the accompanying figure includes a kind of analysis tool, where users can change certain values in a spreadsheet to reveal the effects of those changes. What is the term for these tools?;A) concatenation;B) functional;C) what-if;D) application;11.;COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT;Using travel and mapping software, how can you obtain driving instructions for your travels?;A) view a video of your destination;B) enter the starting point and the destination point into the software;C) use the calculator provided with the software to determine the mileage and estimated gasoline consumption;D) reference the compass that accompanies the software to determine the exact route that will minimize your driving time based on traffic conditions;12.;Which of the following performs calculations on the data in a worksheet and displays the resulting value in a cell?;A) index;B) formula;C) function;D) ratio;13.;What kind of software provides valuable and thorough information for all individuals?;A) Multimedia;B) Reference;C) Encyclopedic;D) Glossary;14.;Application software, such as Word and Excel, seldom includes Web page authoring features.;A) True;B) False;15.;Which of the following is an example of video and audio editing software for the professional?;A) Adobe InDesign;B) Autodesk AutoCAD;C) Adobe Illustrator;D) Adobe Audition;16.;While a computer is running, the operating system remains in memory.;A) True;B) False;17.;COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT;An engineer who needs to manage new product development might use what type of software?;A) project management software;B) engineering management software;C) product development management software;D) process management software;18.;Which of the following is an example of computer-aided design software?;A) Adobe InDesign;B) Autodesk AutoCAD;C) Adobe Illustrator;D) Adobe Audition;19.;COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT;What is the difference between CBT and CAI?;A) No difference, they are different terms for the same approach.;B) CBT is available when the user is online, CAI is used when there is no Internet connection.;C) CAI is used for young people, CBT is used for college-aged people and older.;D) CBT is used for simulations, CAI is designed for multiple synchronous users.;20.;Some operating systems include video and audio editing software.;A) True;B) False;21.;COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT;What is a Web application?;A) It is an application that provides access to the Internet.;B) It is a collection of data and programs that together can store data on any server on the Internet provided that server is authorized by the Web application.;C) It is a Web site that allows users to access and interact with software from any device or computer that is connected to the Internet.;D) It is an application that can be downloaded from the Web and then be executed on a client computer.;22.;COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT;If someone you know is purchasing word processing software, what features can she expect to find in the software?;A) wordwrap, spell checker, tables;B) search and replace, word adjust, collaboration;C) columns, templates, autowrite;D) mail merge, wrapcheck, thesaurus;23.;COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT;What is malicious software also called?;A) poison software;B) application software;C) systemware;D) malware;24.;COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT;A friend has decided he wants to build a deck with a fire pit in his backyard. What kind of software should he purchase to assist him with this project?;A) reference software;B) construction management software;C) structure design and construction software;D) home design/landscaping software;25.;Open source software is copyrighted software that is distributed at no cost for a trial period.;A) True;B) False


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