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"Given Topic: Many businesses around the world st...




"Given Topic: Many businesses around the world still fail because their capital investment decisions are based upon a calculation on the back of an envelope and do not take any of the correct factors into account. Even larger businesses often get this wrong. This is a true sign of poor resource management. Do you agree or disagree? Discuss the alternative methods of investment appraisal and describe the limitations of these to help justify your arguments. How do you think that capital budgeting decisions should ideally be made by different types of organisations? I have attached one of my class mate( Clara Chime) response to above topic. I need your help to read the attached solution (Raj Kuma Fernandez is my class mate name) and assess the extent to which: ? contribute original views ? build creatively on the views of others ? show intelligent critique of theory or practice ? add an international or cultural aspect to the class ? show originality in the application of theory ? clarify the theory being studied ? Encourage the effective contribution of other members of the class. Document requirement should around 2 paragraphs with 2 to 3 lines. May be around 500 words would be sufficient.


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