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TASK A & B: Word and PowerPoint Assignments




Word assignment;1. Create a Word document with at least four paragraphs.;2. Change the font formatting for the first paragraph to any font/formatting you like.;3. Change second paragraph alignment to center.;4. Change the spacing for the third paragraph spacing to 1.5 lines;5. Add bullets for all three paragraphs.;6. Insert border and shading for the fourth paragraph.;7. Change the page border sizes to 0.5 inches for right and left and 0.5 inches for bottom and top;8. Save the document and send it to the professor email.;Power Point presentation;Put together a short 5 slides presentation on any topic you like;Your presentation should have the following characteristics;A color background with sufficient contrast to distinguish it easily from the text;At least 5 screens that lay out information in a logical sequence, with transitions used appropriately and judiciously;At least 3 images used appropriately to illustrate the concepts being shown;An hyperlink to a website;Save the document and send it to the professor email.;Chosen website for hyperlink -


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