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Your have been contracted by HealthFirst Hospital Foundation (HHF), a charitable organization that provides services to community clinics in Atlanta, Georgia.




Your have been contracted by HealthFirst Hospital Foundation (HHF), a;charitable organization that provides services to community clinics in Atlanta;Georgia. Due to the organization's tremendous growth, it will need to;computerize its operations. By doing so, HHF will be able to continue to meet;the needs of both its benefactors and their employees. To this end, it has;decided to move its operation to a more modern facility, where it will install a;Local Area Network (LAN), and you will be managing the network;implementation.;Department;# of Employees;Administration;18;Human Resources;9;Accounting;13;Hospital Relations;12;Media Relations;4;Board Room;MIS;6;Total;62;Feasibility of the proposed change;HHF has examined its resources and budgetary constraints and determined that;the installation of the LAN is feasible. There is a need to maintain as low a;budget as possible.;Project Goals;The goals for the LAN project are as follows;Fully functional networked system;Design a boardroom in which any department's information can be accessed and;expressed;Illustrate the complete network and boardroom design;Maintain as low a price as possible;Current state;The new facility consists of 5 six-cubicle work areas and a separate MIS;Department and a boardroom. (See the schematic below) Each work area also;includes a closed office for the department head.;Deliverables;The deliverables are outlined below;Begin compiling your project plan by choosing network servers, routers, and;hubs. Describe your network model, topology, and selections with an explanation;of your choices in a memo to Roger Chen, the chief information officer at HHF.;Be sure to use terms and concepts that you have learned in this course.;Requiremnts;Professional Layout (Memo to Mr. Chin);Spelling and Grammar;Fully Functional Networked System;Servers, Routers, and Hubs;Personal Computer and Software Choices;Network Model and Topology Explanation;IP Addressing Scheme;Cabling;Illustration of network design and boardroom design;Price;Incorporating Terms and Concepts Learned in Course


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