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Class;There is a mistake in the IP 4 assignment. You DO NOT have to do the pig latin part. The correct assignment is listed below;Step 1: Given a file of data, read the data and parse it based on a fixed given field headers. To download the file, select the following link;Eliminate the last column (Pig-Latin) in the data file.;The file is a comma delimited file with the following record structure;? FirstName ? Character ? Size (12);? LastName ? Character ? Size (16);? Company ? Character ? Size (32);? Address ? Character ? Size (32);? City ? Character ? Size (24);? County ? Character ? Size (24);? State ? Character ? Size (2);? ZIP ? Number ? Size (5);? Phone ? Character ? Size (12);? Fax ? Character ? Size (12);? Email ? Character ? Size (32);? Web ? Character ? Size (42);Step 2: Write a complete C# program in console mode to load the data file as a sequential file using C# System.IO library into an ArrayList data structure (using the System.Collection library) Store each line in the file as a separate record.;Step 3: After the file is loaded into the ArrayList, sort the data in ascending order based on the LastName field. Print the following fields;? First name;? Last name;? Company;Step 4: Sort the data in descending order based on the ZIP field, and print the following fields;? First name;? Last name;? Company;? ZIP;Step 5: Print the record (all fields) for everyone that is in the state "NY.;Step 6: Submit the source code for the solution and the output for the 3 lists that are specified below. You can use any appropriate algorithm in the solution.;? Sorted data based on last name;? Sorted data based on ZIP;? Everyone in the state of NY


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