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Pennfoster 402086 - A+ Solution




Pennfoster 402086 - A+ Solution;In this project, you?ll finish the GUI version of the Tic-Tac-Toe;game. This project will require you to rewrite the application;logic found in the graded project for Lesson 2, but using object;orientation this time. In the instructions, code will be refer-;enced from the previous graded projects.;Instructions;1. In NetBeans, open the;TicTacToeGUIGame;project.;2. In the;;file, make the following;changes to the;TicTacToeGUIGame;class;a. Add a new method named;getOutcome;that returns;an;Outcome;enumeration. Use the;winOrTie;method in the Lesson 2 graded project as a guide.;b. In the;takeTurn;method, use the;getOutcome;method to determine whether to continue the game.;c. In the;takeTurn;method, display a dialog message;that displays the winner or tie when the game ends.;Optionally, you can clear the board and start a new;game after it ends.;Note;You can use the following method to display a;dialog message in the current window;JOptionPane.showMessageDialog (this, ?Both players tie.?);3. Build and run the project. Verify it works as expected.;Don?t be discouraged if it doesn?t run as expected right;away. Try tracing your steps and using;System.out.write;statements to figure out where you went wrong


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