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IT/244 Week 1 Assignment: Introduction to the Information Security Policy




Purpose of Assignment;Students are required to select a company profile to be used for their Information Security Policy. This section of the Information Security Policy project requires that students complete the Introduction section, providing a brief overview of the company and the security goals to be achieved as relates to their selected business scenario. This section requires an overview of which type of security policy? program-level, program-framework, issue-specific, or system-specific?is appropriate to their selected business scenario and why. This section also requires students to explain the security goals in terms of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.;Resources Required: Appendix C;Company 1: The Bloom Design Group is a company that offers interior design services to businesses and individuals throughout the world. Bloom has a corporate office in New York and a second office in Los Angeles. The company?s website features a virtual decorating tool, which offers clients the chance to play with different color and design schemes. This tool allows their clients to get an idea of what a design project would look like once it is completed, before actually making color and design decisions. The website also gives interior designers access to their client files and company style guides, as well as create the ability to electronically process orders for design materials and furniture. The designers use a secure login and a password to gain access to the website and its features. The company's workforce spends all its time working remotely and accessing the corporate network using a secure VPN.;852 Words;3 Sources;APA Format?


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