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What security issues must be resolved now which cannot wait for the




1 What security issues must be resolved now which cannot wait for the;next version of Windows to arrive? Are we looking at a patch or a workaround to solve the present issues?;Answer;2. Based on Ornes (2009) article, what are the improvements that a memristor;might have over current physical and electronic storage devices? Is a memristor a green technology?;Answer;---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------;Begin work on the Operating System Analysis.;Outline the important features of Windows XP.(see features below);Outline Features;Compatibility;1. Languages;2. New Updated Features;3. User Interface;---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------;Write a 1-2 page paper describing the operating systems used by Huffman Trucking.;Address the following questions in your paper;Why do you think these operating systems were chosen?;What are the implications of the operating systems that are in use by Huffman Trucking?;You can access the Huffman Trucking website from the Virtual Organizations Portal. (Hint: Look at network diagrams.);1. APA FORMAT;2. ORIGINAL WORK ONLY


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