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1.;A concave mirror with a radius of 20 cm creates a real image 30 cm from the mirror. What is the object distance?;A) 5.0 cm;B) 15 cm;C) 20 cm;D) 7.5 cm;2.;Starting from rest, a proton falls through a potential difference of 1200 V. What speed does it acquire?;A);1.2 ? m/s;B);2.4 ? m/s;C);3.6 ? m/s;D);4.8 ? m/s;3.;An oil layer that is 5.0 cm thick is spread smoothly and evenly over the surface of water on a windless day. What is the angle of refraction in the water for a ray of light that has an angle of incidence of 45? as it enters the oil from the air above? (The index of refraction for oil is 1.15, and for water it is 1.33.);A) 32?;B) 27?;C) 39?;D) 36?;4.;Which of the equations here is valid for the circuit shown?;A);B);C);D);E);5.;What current is flowing if 4.0 ? electrons;pass a point in 0.50 s?;A) 6.3 A;B) 78 A;C) 0.31 A;D) 0.013 A;6.;Two charges are separated by a distance d and exert mutual attractive forces of F on each other. If the charges are separated by a distance of d/3, what are the new mutual forces? D) 9F;A) 3F;B) 9F;C) F/3;D) F/9;7.;A point charge of +Q is placed at the centroid of an equilateral triangle. When a second charge of +Q is placed at one of the triangle's vertices, an electrostatic force of 4.0 N acts on it. What is the magnitude of the force that acts on the center charge due to a third charge of +Q placed at one of the other vertices?;A) zero;B) 8.0 N;C) 16 N;D) 4.0 N;8.;Two long parallel wires carry currents of 20 A and 5.0 A in opposite directions. The wires are separated by 0.20 m. At what point between the two wires are the contributions from the two wires the same?;A) 0.080 m from the 20 A wire;B) 0.16 m from the 20 A wire;C) 0.040 m from the 20 A wire;D) 0.12 m from the 20 A wire;9.;Estimate the average power output of the Sun, given that about 1350 W/;reaches the upper atmosphere of the Earth. The distance from the Sun to the Earth is 1.5 ?;m.;A);1 ? W;B) 3 ?;W;C) 4 ?;W;D) 2 ?;W;10.;A flux of 4.0 ?;Wb is maintained through a coil for 0.50 s. What emf is induced in this coil by this flux?;A);B);C) No emf is induced in this coil.;D)


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