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8 multiple choice Java questions & 7 short answer question




7. (TCO 3) Which of the following is a valid condition for an if statement? Assume the variable "done" is a boolean. (Points: 3);;(done=true);;((done == false) || (done == true));;(done == "false");;(done == false && done);8. (TCO 3) Which of the following is not a requirement for method arguments and their respective parameters? (Points: 3);;An argument and its respective parameter must have the same identifier name.;;There must be the same number of arguments as parameters.;;The arguments must be in the same order as the parameters.;;Each argument must be of the same data type as its respective parameter.;How many iterations will the following for loop have?;for (int counter = 1, counter <= 10, counter++);counter = 11;;1;10;11;;0;(TCO 4) Which of the following is not a valid array declaration? (Points: 4);;int[] arrayName;;int[] arrayName = new int[100];;intarrayName[];;intarrayName = new int[100];15. (TCO 5) In order to release the Statement object?s database and JDBC resources, you must call the _____ method. (Points: 4);;exit();;quit();;finished();;close();TCO 6) A constructor for a Dimension object takes _____ argument(s). (Points: 4);;one integer;;one integer array;;two integer;;two float;(TCO 6) Which of the following is true of an object s public interface? (Points: 4);

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