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Assignment: Project 2 (8h);Each week you will complete an assignment that allows you to demonstrate all that you have learned in this course. Each of these assignments has a theme that is customized to tell a story or process that is something of personal interest to you. You will need to complete the lecture and research activities for the week and incorporate their objectives into your assignment.;Level of Effort;This activity should take approximately 480m to complete. It will require;360m Research;60m Prep & Delivery;60m Work;If you find that this activity takes you significantly less or more time than this estimate, please contact me for guidance.;Reading & Resources;Deliverable 2 Flowchart (necessary);This image is embedded below, and covers everything you need to do for Project 2.;Instructions;The flowchart for Project 2 may look a little daunting at first, but take a closer look;It's not that bad?there are a few new things, but most of it is just more of the same from last week. There are a few new flowchart symbols, a few new vocabulary terms, and it's broken into multiple parts.;This assignment works the same as the first: come up with a story or process and code it to fit the flowchart while incorporating the points from this week's activities. Below is an example that builds on the Pirate example from last week;Our new crewmember var crewName = "Wesley", had only been at sea for var daysSailing = 8, days, but he was already rethinking his decision to become a pirate. All he had done so far was swab the decks = [ "Bridge", "Gun deck", "Main deck", "Quarterdeck" ],, which didn't feel very Pirate-y. It felt like his days were just the same thing over and over again;Is it time to var swabTheDecks = function(decks){...},? It looks like I have var decksRemaining = decks.length, to go. The First Mate says I have to keep swabbing while (decksRemaining > 0), so I guess I'd better get to it.;And just like each day was the same, each deck was the same, so that for (var deckNumber = 0, deckNumber < decks.length, deckNumber++) every deck that he was told to do, he just swabbed and swabbed and swabbed. No matter who he complainTo = function(person,rant){...},, the result was always the same: return "Get back to work, " + crewName,.;In time, he kept his mind occupied by imagining what would happen if (ninjas.decideToAttack()) in the middle of the night.;While this example story was done in Codelish (Code+English), you are required to turn in fully-working JavaScript. Your variable and function names should be descriptive enough to tell the story, along with a few console.log statements to bring together the narrative.;Download the Zip archive file attached to this activity. Uncompress the archive and move the sdi-project2 folder to the folder where you keep all of your coursework. This folder contains the template HTML, CSS, and empty JavaScript files that you will need to complete this assignment.;You'll need to rename your JavaScript file to follow the naming convention for the assignment, lastname_firstname_assignment2.js, and will need to do it in two places. First, rename the JavaScript (.js) file. Second, open the HTML file in your editor and change the script tag in the HTML file to use the updated file name.;Git Repository (I'll worry about this!);This assignment and the next two will be tracked using Git, software that you'll learn how to use in the Revision Control activity. Git will help you to keep a log of the changes you make to your assignment files, but it's not automated magic. You'll need to have the presence of mind to work in small chunks, save often, and work with Git each step of the way.;This part of the assignment is not on the rubric, because it is required but doesn't count toward your grade. Please, please, please take the time to read and digest what is required for revision control, because the other two parts of the assignment may be perfect and you could still get a zero.


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