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System Analysis & Design Unit II/ Ques 12




Lightfoot Industries: You have been asked to lead a training session for new employees at Lightfoot Industries. You must develop a specific schedule for the tasks listed below (the estimated task duration for each is shown in parentheses);First, you need to contact the participants and explain their roles (1 day).;Then you must obtain approval from their department managers (5 days).;After you obtain the approval, two tasks can begin at the same time: You can arrange the meeting room (4 days) and prepare an agenda for the initial session (11 days).;When the agenda is ready, you can start two more concurrent tasks: prepare the information packets (4 days) and create visual aids (8 days).;When the meeting room is arranged and the information packets are ready, you can send out an e-mail to participants (1 day).;Finally, after the e-mail is sent to participants and the visual aids are ready, you can conduct the JAD sessions (5 days).;a. Prepare a list showing all tasks and their durations.;b. Analyze the fact situation carefully to determine which tasks are concurrent and which ones are dependent on other tasks.;c. Using PERT/CPM techniques, develop a chart that shows the project. Use a format similar to Figure 3-19(attached). Use project management software to develop the chart.;d. What is the critical path for this project? How do you know?;Product should be in single Word document. If messaging me please reference the title of this question. Attached is Figure 3-19 for reference.


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