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T;he M anagement P rocess;E 3.;Indicate whether each of the following management activities in a community;hospital is part of planning (PL), performing (PE), evaluating (E), or;communicating (C);1. Leasing five ambulances for the current year;2. Comparing the actual number with the planned number of patient days in;the hospital for the year;3. Developing a strategic plan for a new pediatric wing;4. Preparing a report showing the past performance of the emergency room;5. Developing standards, or expectations, for performance in the hospital admittance;area for next year;6. Preparing the hospital?s balance sheet and income statement and distributing;them to the board of directors;7. Maintaining an inventory of bed linens and bath towels;8. Formulating a corporate policy for the treatment and final disposition of hazardous;waste materials;9. Preparing a report on the types and amounts of hazardous waste materials;removed from the hospital in the last three months;10. Recording the time taken to deliver food trays to patients;Statement of Cost of Goods Manufactured;P;5.;Dillo Vineyards, a large winery in Texas, produces a full line of varietal;wines. The company, whose fiscal year begins on November 1, has just completed;a record-breaking year. Its inventory account balances on October 31 of;this year were Materials Inventory, $1,803,800, Work in Process Inventory;$2,764,500, and Finished Goods Inventory, $1,883,200. At the beginning of;the year, the inventory account balances were Materials Inventory, $2,156,200;Work in Process Inventory, $3,371,000, and Finished Goods Inventory;$1,596,400.;During the fiscal year, the company?s purchases of direct materials totaled;$6,750,000. Direct labor hours totaled 142,500, and the average labor rate was;$8.20 per hour. The following overhead costs were incurred during the year;depreciation?plant and equipment, $685,600, indirect labor, $207,300, property;tax, plant and equipment, $94,200, plant maintenance, $83,700, small tools;$42,400, utilities, $96,500, and employee benefits, $76,100;Prepare a statement of cost of goods manufactured for the fiscal year ended October 31.


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