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Personal Beauty Care, LLC is a personal ?Beauty? a...




Personal Beauty Care, LLC is a personal ?Beauty? and grooming service company with the aim of serving its clients in view of optimal individual convenience provision. The company?s business service model is a ?mobile? one allowing its employees to reach out to the customers rather than having them visit a salon for the offered services. The business intends to operate six days a week, Monday through Saturday and occasionally Sundays too. The primary target business location will be the Adult Day Care centers in the Franklin Township Community, New Jersey. The company plans to serve specifically three of the senior citizen facilities working through contracts with the respective administration. Also, the company intends to schedule service professionals? visitation to these centers for duration of six hours (9:00 AM ? 3:00 PM), on three alternate weekdays i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. While in the evenings, the home-visit services will be managed according to appointments only for four hours duration between 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM on each of the previously mentioned weekdays. For the remaining three weekdays, i.e. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday the business will be operational through the day (9:00AM- 7:00PM), specifically working by appointment and making individualized customer home visits. The respective scheduling details for our management team as well as service professionals include: i. Monday, Wednesday and Fri day ? Center Service: a.) Two full-time cosmetologists will go to the centers 9PM - 3PM, which is 6hrs./day * 3 days =18hours; [1 hour lunch (unpaid)] b.) Two part-time cosmetologists for home visits, 3PM - 7PM, which is 4 hrs. /day * 3 days= 12 hours. ii. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday ? Home Service: a.) Two Full-time cosmetologists for home visits, 9AM - 3pm, which is 6hrs./day * 3 days 18 hours; [1 hour lunch for both shifts (unpaid)] b.) Two part-time cosmetologist for home visits 3PM to 7PM which is 4 hrs. /day * 3 days =12 hours. c.) Plan and cost your people requirements a. Full-Time Cosmetologist (2) i. 40 Hours ii. Annual Salary = $26,000 I.e.$12.50 hourly wage X 40 hour work week X 52 weeks in the year b. Part-Time Cosmetologist (2) i. 20 hours or less ii. Hourly Wage = $12.50 ( website) c. Floater Cosmetologist (1) i. Per diem = ?per day? or ?for each day? ii. Hourly Wage = $15.00 1. (12.50 hourly wage X 8 hours per day X 6 day work week) / 40 hour regular work week a. (12.50 X 8 X 6) / 40 = $15 iii. Need to emphasize that this employee is only covering for our regular employees if anyone calls out or goes on vacation. iv. Since the floater will not be OUR OFFICICAL employee, they get paid more for providing their services on an ?AS NEEDED? basis d. Drivers (1) i. $10/HR = 40 hours a week e. Office Assistant i. Full-Time = 40 hours a week ii. Hourly Wage = $11/HR Our business office set-up being primarily a ?virtual? one, by default saves many of the start-up facilities and equipment costs. You are having 300,000 dollars for investment in this business. Prepare an Financial plan and state how Computer Equipment Insurance Sales and Marketing Attorney Fees Initial Inventory Salary (owners) Salary (employees) Fixed Expenses (Sockets, Registration fees, taxes ) Miscellaneous Cash on hand can be allocated and managed. Also please explain the break even points analysis and the quarterly fund allocation with calculations.


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