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Three problems for c++




Problem 1;ASSIGNMENT 10 is attached as MOVIE, MOVIES, ETC. with the MOJO box TEXT FILE;Modify Assignment 10, yours or the sample solution, to use the US box office as the key, i.e. map or map. As duplicates are not allowed, entering a zero should return the last movie stored with a zero US box office.;Problem 2;Modify the Movie application (using STL is allowed) to give the median for each of the three box office categories. For the count, only include movies that had a positive box office for that category. Remember that the median is based on a sorted collection, so you will need to sort for each category.;Problem 3;MODIFY the PEOPLES code that I have attached with the BMI DATA TEXT FILE;Modify the attached code, adding both overloaded array index operators (lvalue, left-hand side [lhs], rvalue, right-hand side [rhs]) to the People class, so that the two driver loops will work correctly.;Only add the two operators to the People class. Do not change any other code.;ASSIGNMENT DUE SUNDAY AT 6:00 p.m. PLEASE


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