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Task;In this assessment item you are required to develop the website that you planned and designed in Assessment item 2. You must use the same topic you chose previously and follow your planning report.;Any changes that you make from the original plan must be thoroughly reported and justified.;The website you create will be uploaded on to a free web host. You will be given instruction in class about this.;Please ensure you submit your URL (and any necessary logon instructions) for your website as part of a Word document.;Requirements;Images;You are responsible for developing the logo for your chosen website. You will need to provide a raster logo and a vector logo that you have developed yourself. You will then select and justify one of these logos to represent your website.;Multimedia;You must include animation, photographs, audio and video, that you have developed, in your website. They must be relevant to your selected website and should be as per your original plan.;They should be of suitable quality and size (using appropriate compression where necessary) to ensure your website remains effective and efficient.;HTML5 must be used to mark up your website. Your code must be valid and should be checked using the;An external CSS must be used to separate all design and layout elements from the content of your pages Your code should be validated using the W3C website.;Accessibility and usability guidelines should be adhered to and addressed; This includes the use of the "alt" tag for all multimedia components.;Rationale;This assessment task covers topics and has been designed to ensure that you are engaging with the subject content on a regular basis. More specifically it seeks to assess your ability to;? develop interactive Web pages that incorporate a variety of digital media, including text, graphics, animation, video, sound, etc.;? be able to edit the different types of media to generate a composite document;show how to script interactive multimedia clips and identify the techniques available to do so.;Marking criteria;Logo designs;? Vector and raster provided;? Quality and complexity of logo;? Justification for choice;3 marks;Design and layout of site;? Layout;? Colour scheme;? Appropriate to client/audience;? Meets standards such as;o Usability;o Accessibility;3 marks;Animation;3 marks;Audio;3 marks;Video;3 marks;Use of HTML5;? Code is well written;? Validated;2 marks;Use of CSS;? External styles used;? Code is well written;? Validated;2 marks;Accessibility;? Accessibility standards have been addressed;1 mark;Total;20 marks


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