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Assignment 5;I will provide the orginial homework;Modify Assignment 4, changing;The movies array to one of three (3) types;A pointer to a dynamically allocated array of movies (Movie * movies). Use an arbitrary initial size of 1000.;A static array of movie pointers (Movie * movies[1000]).;A pointer to a dynamically allocated array of movie pointers (Movie ** movies - a typedef might be good here). Use an arbitrary initial size of 1000.;Allow the user to enter a movie search string or a movie number (account for the movie not being found by either criteria).;Replace the rank/box array index with an enumerated type (no 0, 1, 2).;Resize the movies array to drop unused array elements if using options 1a or 1c.;Use a movie pointer (Movie * [or typedef]) as the parameter/return type for any methods accepting/returning a movie object.;Add const to all methods and return types as appropriate.;If a method does not modify a data member, then const is appropriate.;As movies are not modified after having been created/loaded, all Movie parameters and return types should probably be const Movie *.;Add a destructor and delete/delete[ ] as appropriate to eliminate any memory leaks.;Also set pointers to null as/if needed.;Modify the driver to enable retrieval of the next movie, that is, the movie after the one currently shown, without the user entering, or knowing, the movie number.;Again, this could be as simple as specifying a special character to indicate retrieval of the next movie.;How to handle retrieving the next movie at startup (or after displaying the last movie, or after requesting an invalid movie), is a design decision.;Possible options are to show the first movie or treat it as undefined (movie not found).


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