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Wireless streaming technology Report




Emerging Network Technologies;The Topic: Wireless streaming technology;In the report and presentation, you should discuss the directions of the technology addressing some of the following and anything else that you find relevant.;o;What lead to this technology?;o;What are the other competing technologies if any?;o;How is the technology addressing the requirements of the networking population or future networking requirements?;o;What is its future?;o;Will it evolve further ? what do you think it will evolve into?;You are expected to speculate on the technology, critique its failings, highlights its advantages etc. Discuss the various aspects broadly and intelligently.;Report Guidelines;The report should be at least 15-page double-spaced paper and does not include any optional pages containing the references and/or diagrams. You must cite at least 7 sources which are not internet webpages (ie 7 technical papers from IEEE/ACM or other journals and conference proceedings).


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