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Basic Database Design




Appendix;;;Using the information pictured in the links above:.;1. Explain what the relevant entries are and how you would assign attributes to them.;2. Explain what the primary key would be for each entity;3. Explain to me how you would establish relationships and relationship rules between entities.;4. Produce an Entity-Relationship Model to demonstrate the relationship.;5. Add foreign key/s to the relevant entity/entities to enable the relationship to be established....;The requirements for the work to be a pass;Candidates will need to provide evidence to demonstrate their Knowledge and/or Skills by showing that they can: extract key information needs from source documents and produce design notes detailing relevant data to be stored in a relational database. Design notes will include;Entity Relational Modelling approach to demonstrate relationships between appropriate tables/entities;use of database notation to define table/entity content including primary and foreign keys;set referential integrity between tables and justification of cascade update and cascade delete;The resulting relational database should comprise three tables;The tables should include;valid data field names;data types of one occurrence of date/time, number, text and currency;customised field sizes appropriate to field content;primary and foreign keys;referential integrity rules applied


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