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C program bship game




Develop a working battleship game with the following;--2 [10][10] grids, one for each player.;--4 game modes;-player vs player.;-player vs computer easy: randomly fires.;-player vs computer medium: make educated guesses from previous hits along the x axis.;-player vs computer hard: make educated guesses from previous hits along the x and y axis.;--5 ships may be placed for each player;-Aircraft Carrier 5 long;-Battleship 4 long;-Cruiser 3 long;-Destroyer 3 long;-Submarine 2 long;--Display grids should show x for hits o for misses. When a ship is destroyed the first character in the name of the ship should be displayed.;--Ships can only be placed horizontally or vertically. They can not be placed diagonally.;--Ships can not be placed outside the grid or on top of eachother.;--Once a corrdinant has be fired, it can not be fired again.;--A set of random messages should be displayed for hits and misses.;Program should be in C with only C and user defined libraries. Comments on source and header file(s). A function diagram seperately.


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