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You need to implement the following page replacement algorithms and apply those on a small input dataset and the give file (the detail instruction is given in the next page);LRU(Least recently Used);LFU(Lease frequently Used);The display should be in table for like this and have the number of page faults at the end. It doesn't have to have the lines like the one below.;Page;#;1;2;3;4;1;2;5;1;2;3;4;5;1;1;1;1;5;5;5;5;4;4;2;2;2;2;1;1;1;1;5;3;3;3;3;2;2;2;2;4;4;4;4;3;3;3;Number of page fault: 10;I will include the data input file that it is suppose to read from and do the calculations for.


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