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Hi Rachel, can u help me with my assigment, have t...




Hi Rachel, can u help me with my assigment, have to be ready before August 18. Thank you The Federal Reserve offers to the general public numerous publications available at the website of the Federal Reserve Board, The Federal Reserve Board testimonies, press releases, monetary policy reports, the Beige Book, and a variety of other publications offer a detailed assessment of current economic activity, financial markets, and the monetary policy tools used to promote economic activity and preserve price stability. Explore the publications and write a five to six (5-6) page report that addresses the following questions: 1. Describe the Federal Reserve?s assessment of the current economic activity and financial markets. 2. Explain the Federal Reserve?s current view about inflation. 3. Describe the monetary policy tools the Federal Reserve uses to stabilize the economy and maintain price stability. 4. Based on the information you researched from Federal Reserve publications, present and justify your own economic outlook for the next twelve to eighteen months.,Hope u can help me....:0)...Here me


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