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Develop a solution that maps the specifications of the problem;Write a report that describes the work conducted.;The report should include both the description of the deliverable as;well as the process thatwas followed. In particular the report should;1)Provide a brief analysis of the problem solution;2)Outline the key design and implementation points of the solution;3)Specify the tasks allocated to each member of the group;4)Provide an outline of the meetings that took place;if any, and themanagerial handling of the project;description of project;A small private education center wants to enable st;udent registration as well as;review of grades from the web. Each student should;have a registration number.;If a new student wants to register then the applica;tion you develop should allow;for online registration and should record all the r;elevant information. A registered;student should be able to view the classes that are;offered in the next academic;term. For each class, the student should be informe;d of the title, the code, the;time and the cost. Students should be able to regis;ter to a class as long as the;number of students that have already registered is;smaller than 25. A student;should also be able to request a view of his grades;to date.;i uploaded some examples to help you;i use the netbeans 7.2;i want the project in netbeans 7.2 and mysql;also i want the project full comments


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