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information and project management;PROMOTE PUBLIC TRANSPORT;You are expected to submit a relevant Project Proposal, including viable project planning documents, by...




information and project management;PROMOTE PUBLIC TRANSPORT;You are expected to submit a relevant Project Proposal, including viable project planning documents, by 15;th May;2013. The team who present the best project ? in terms of expected benefits, feasibility, rational use of resources;and quality of planning ? will receive up to ?20,000 for implementation of the project for the period from May to;November 2013.;In addition to this, our commercial partner ACME Inc. ? producer of microcontrollers and embedded systems ?;offers their equipment worth up to ?40,000 for the team who would propose a good application of their products.;The competition is available for small companies and charities (project teams of size 3 to 4). No previous business;experience is required, so start-ups are welcome. The main requirements are;1. Project must apply an advanced Information Technology, including but not limited to web applications;networking, digital business, multimedia solutions, mobile computing and embedded systems, to;promote or support Public Transportation system ? either through directly engaging or encouraging;existing or potential passengers, or through enhancing or enriching the existing system to make it more;attractive to the public.;2. You have to cover for at least 50% of the project budget, and bid for the remainder to the Council. Your;total budget (including the subsidy) must not exceed ?60,000 and the maximum bid is ?20,000. On top of;these you can apply for special equipment from ACME Inc. (worth up to ?40,000).;3. You must provide a viable plan and indicate how you would maintain the long-term return on investment;and develop your organisation.;4. The project must ensure sustainable benefit to the local community in terms of, for example, increasing;satisfaction with their transportation system.;5. Transport systems include: bus network, trains, underground, cabs and river boats.;6. The project must be up and running within 6 months (May ? November) and enable a new long-term;venture to become self-supporting after an initial period of up to 12 months. In justified cases these;deadlines may be negotiated individually.;7. Ideally, the project should operate within the authority area of the Council, or may address even a;smaller area. If the project provides facilities, services or products outside the area of authority of the;Council, it is only acceptable if no additional Council funds are engaged.;You may act on your own, or liaison with local organisations, either governmental or non-governmental. Your;project may aim at providing facilities, equipment or services, providing advice or information, raising awareness;increasing membership, raising funds, engaging in activities, funding grants or other, similar.;1. Project scope;Mandatory in Project Report (1st online submission);This should include;? The products or results to be produced (Deliverables);? Expected sustainable benefits that will result from this project;? Any assumptions on which the project is based;? The current scope and limitations (if applicable);? Stakeholders analysis;? Key project requirements;? Unless you provide Project Budget as a separate deliverable, outline how the project will be kept;within the budget and how return on investment could be maintained.;2. Analysis of strategic implications of the project, using SWOT;This deliverable is only applicable for Project Report (1stonline submission);This should be a strategic analysis of the organization (not the project). Special care must be taken to properly;identify strengths and opportunities, weaknesses and threats


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