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write the //TODO part of the program;/***************************************************************************;* scramble.c;*;* Problem Set 3;*;* Implements Scramble with CS50....




write the //TODO part of the program;/***************************************************************************;* scramble.c;*;* Problem Set 3;*;* Implements Scramble with CS50.;*;* Usage: scramble [#];*;* where # is an optional grid number.;***************************************************************************/;#include;#include;#include;#include;#include;#include;// duration of a game in seconds;#define DURATION 30;// grid's dimensions;#define DIMENSION 4;// maximum number of words in any dictionary;#define WORDS 172806;// maximum number of letters in any word;#define LETTERS 29;// default dictionary;//;#define DICTIONARY "words;// for logging;FILE* log;// grid;char grid[DIMENSION][DIMENSION];// flags with which we can mark grid's letters while searching for words;bool marks[DIMENSION][DIMENSION];// defines a word as having an array of letters plus a flag;// indicating whether word has been found on grid;typedef struct;bool found;char letters[LETTERS + 1];word;// defines a dictionary as having a size and an array of words;struct;int size;word words[WORDS];dictionary;// prototypes;void clear(void);bool crawl(string letters, int x, int y);void draw(void);bool find(string s);void initialize(void);bool load(string s);bool lookup(string s);void scramble(void);// This is Scramble.;int main(int argc, string argv[]);// ensure proper usage;if (argc > 2);printf("Usage: %s [#]\n", basename(argv[0]));return 1;// seed pseudorandom number generator;if (argc == 2);int seed = atoi(argv[1]);if (seed <= 0);printf("Invalid grid.\n");return 1;srand(seed);else;srand(time(NULL));// determine path to dictionary;string directory = dirname(argv[0]);char path[strlen(directory) + 1 + strlen(DICTIONARY) + 1];sprintf(path, "%s/%s", directory, DICTIONARY);// load dictionary;if (!load(path));printf("Could not open dictionary.\n");return 1;// initialize the grid;initialize();// initialize user's score;int score = 0;// calculate time of game's end;int end = time(NULL) + DURATION;// open log;log = fopen("log.txt", "w");if (log == NULL);printf("Could not open log.\n");return 1;// accept words until timer expires;while (true);// clear the screen;clear();// draw the current state of the grid;draw();// log board;for (int row = 0, row < DIMENSION, row++);for (int col = 0, col = end);printf("\033[31m"), // red;printf("Time: %d\n\n", 0);printf("\033[39m"), // default;break;// report time remaining;printf("Time: %d\n\n", end - now);// prompt for word;printf("> ");string s = GetString();// quit playing if user hits ctrl-d;if (s == NULL);break;// log word;fprintf(log, "%s\n", s);// check whether to scramble grid;if (strcmp(s, "SCRAMBLE") == 0);scramble();// or to look for word on grid and in dictionary;else;if (find(s) && lookup(s));score += strlen(s);// close log;fclose(log);return 0;/**;* Clears screen.;*/;void clear();printf("\033[2J");printf("\033[%d,%dH", 0, 0);/**;* Crawls grid recursively for letters starting at grid[x][y].;* Returns true iff all letters are found.;*/;bool crawl(string letters, int x, int y);// if out of letters, then we must've found them all!;if (strlen(letters) == 0);return true;// don't fall off the grid!;if (x = DIMENSION);return false;if (y = DIMENSION);return false;// been here before!;if (marks[x][y]);return false;// check grid[x][y] for current letter;if (grid[x][y] != letters[0]);return false;// mark location;marks[x][y] = true;// look left and right for next letter;for (int i = -1, i <= 1, i++);// look down and up for next letter;for (int j = -1, j <= 1, j++);// check grid[x + i][y + j] for next letter;if (crawl(&letters[1], x + i, y + j));return true;// unmark location;marks[x][y] = false;// fail;return false;/**;* Prints the grid in its current state.;*/;void draw(void);// TODO;/**;* Returns true iff word, s, is found in grid.;*/;bool find(string s);// word must be at least 2 characters in length;if (strlen(s) < 2);return false;// search grid for word;for (int row = 0, row < DIMENSION, row++);for (int col = 0, col < DIMENSION, col++);// reset marks;for (int i = 0, i < DIMENSION, i++);for (int j = 0, j < DIMENSION, j++);marks[i][j] = false;// search for word starting at grid[i][j];if (crawl(s, row, col));return true;return false;/**;* Initializes grid with letters.;*/;void initialize(void);//;float frequencies[] =;8.167, // a;1.492, // b;2.782, // c;4.253, // d;12.702, // e;2.228, // f;2.015, // g;6.094, // h;6.966, // i;0.153, // j;0.747, // k;4.025, // l;2.406, // m;6.749, // n;7.507, // o;1.929, // p;0.095, // q;5.987, // r;6.327, // s;9.056, // t;2.758, // u;1.037, // v;2.365, // w;0.150, // x;1.974, // y;0.074 // z;int n = sizeof(frequencies) / sizeof(float);// iterate over grid;for (int row = 0, row < DIMENSION, row++);for (int col = 0, col < DIMENSION, col++);// generate pseudorandom double in [0, 1];double d = rand() / (double) RAND_MAX;// map d onto range of frequencies;for (int k = 0, k < n, k++);d -= frequencies[k] / 100;if (d < 0.0 || k == n - 1);grid[row][col] = 'A' + k;break;/**;* Loads words from dictionary with given filename, s, into a global array.;*/;bool load(string s);// open dictionary;FILE* file = fopen(s, "r");if (file == NULL);return false;// initialize dictionary's size;dictionary.size = 0;// load words from dictionary;char buffer[LETTERS + 2];while (fgets(buffer, LETTERS + 2, file));// overwrite \n with \0;buffer[strlen(buffer) - 1] = '\0';// capitalize word;for (int i = 0, n = strlen(buffer), i < n, i++);buffer[i] = toupper(buffer[i]);// ignore SCRAMBLE;if (strcmp(buffer, "SCRAMBLE") == 0);continue;// copy word into dictionary;dictionary.words[dictionary.size].found = false;strncpy(dictionary.words[dictionary.size].letters, buffer, LETTERS + 1);dictionary.size++;// success!;return true;/**;* Looks up word, s, in dictionary. Iff found (for the first time), flags word;* as found (so that user can't score with it again) and returns true.;*/;bool lookup(string s);// TODO;return false;/**;* Scrambles the grid by rotating it 90 degrees clockwise, whereby;* grid[0][0] rotates to grid[0][DIMENSION - 1].;*/;void scramble(void);// TODO


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