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League Specifics;? The Batty League will be fielding six teams this year. Each team is scheduled to play the other teams...




League Specifics;? The Batty League will be fielding six teams this year. Each team is scheduled to play the other teams twice ? so each team will play ten games, and the league will have a total of thirty games on its schedule.;? The league allows ties to happen.;? When the page is first accessed, it should display the league standings ? a list of teams with wins, losses, and ties. Only completed games should be included in the standings.;? The page should also provide a drop-down box which will allow the visitor to select the name of a team. When a team is selected, the page should display a list of the games on that team?s schedule ? whether they have been played or are still pending.;Project Specifics;? You will be defining a document type of Schedule.;? Schedule should have one attribute: The season (year) to which it applies.;? The Schedule will contain an indefinite number of Games (at least one).;? Each Game should have a Status of either Pending or Played. (NOTE: This helps with the handling of rainouts ? it assumes that all rainouts will be re-scheduled.);? Each Game should contain the elements: Home_Team, Away_Team, Date, Home_Team_Score, and Away_Team_Score.;? Please define your own team names. You may make them serious or silly, but remember that this is a G-rated environment.;NOTE: There is nothing wrong with using library functions from external materials, like your book and the source files for the book projects.;2. Create a DTD or Schema which defines a Schedule document.;3. Create an XML document containing information about the games on the schedule (thirty of them);1. Create the documents which will present the information through a web interface. The calculations may be done using whatever technology you wish, including CSS, XSL transforms, Meunchian grouping, DOM, and Javascript.;2. Test your site.;Heres my XML;TeamUnoTeamDosTeamTresTeamCuatroTeamCincoTeamSeis2013-07-15TeamUnoTeamDosPlayed932013-06-02TeamUnoTeamTresPlayed342013-04-15TeamUnoTeamCuatroPlayed192013-05-15TeamUnoTeamCincoPlayed1242013-06-15TeamUnoTeamSeisPlayed362013-04-10TeamDosTeamUnoPlayed392013-05-10TeamDosTeamTresPlayed1682013-06-10TeamDosTeamCuatroPlayed1142013-07-10TeamDosTeamCincoPlayed552013-08-10TeamDosTeamSeisPlayed332013-04-25TeamTresTeamUnoPlayed432013-05-25TeamTresTeamDosPlayed8162013-06-25TeamTresTeamCuatroPlayed672013-07-25TeamTresTeamCincoPlayed412013-08-25TeamTresTeamSeisPlayed1252013-04-07TeamCuatroTeamUnoPlayed912013-05-07TeamCuatroTeamDosPlayed1412013-06-07TeamCuatroTeamTresPlayed762013-07-07TeamCuatroTeamCincoPlayed332013-08-07TeamCuatroTeamSeisPlayed932013-04-04TeamCincoTeamUnoPlayed4122013-05-04TeamCincoTeamDosPlayed552013-06-04TeamCincoTeamTresPlayed142013-07-04TeamCincoTeamCuatroPlayed332013-08-04TeamCincoTeamSeisPlayed072013-09-04TeamCincoTeamSeisPlayed932013-04-19TeamSeisTeamUnoPlayed632013-05-19TeamSeisTeamDosPlayed332013-06-19TeamSeisTeamTresPlayed5122013-07-19TeamSeisTeamCuatroPlayed392013-08-19TeamSeisTeamCincoPlayed70


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