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Write a 6 page analysis of a small business such a...




Write a 6 page analysis of a small business such as a home based tutoring center focused on elementary and middle school education (grades 1 to 8). Page 1- Identify the type of business (tutoring center). Why should someone select this type of business? Page 2- How much would the business cost to start up? What are the pros and cons? Why is having it home based a good idea? Page 3- How many employees will be hired? What backgrounds or experience do they need? How will you market the tutoring center? Page 4- Are there any strategic alliances the company could utilize? How would they benefit the growth and success of the company? Explain how customer relationships will benefit the company versus competition from other companies. Page 5- Can a promotional plan increase sales within the company? Look at cost versus sales increase when reviewing this plan. Page 6- Give an overall summary of the business from the startup to the entire lifecycle


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