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Please write at least 13 sentences for each questions: 1. "Integrated Marketing Communication" Please respond to the following: ?Evaluate overall how politicians engaged in the 2008 or 2012 Presidential campaign have integrated their marketing message. Then, evaluate one specific candidate of your choice. ?Pick a product which has experienced a failing promotional campaign. (Be sure the failure is due to a bad promotional campaign rather than a failed product, i.e. New Coke or IBM?s PC Jr.). Analyze why the promotion failed and recommend how it could be fixed if that same promotion was to be recycled this year. 2. "Advertising" Please respond to the following: ?Advertising during the Super Bowl is pricey and reserved for mega brands, but local television stations are allowed to air local advertisements during the broadcast. Size up your local market to determine at least three local businesses that could justify the extra advertising expense to air a commercial during the Super Bowl. Be sure to support your answer with evidence on how the advertising would benefit these businesses. ?Entrepreneurs are often tasked with wearing many hats, including building sales, marketing, and operations, to name a few. Advise a friend who wants to open a coffee shop in a popular neighborhood which currently does not have a coffee shop on how to spend her marketing time and budget (presume both time and budget are limited). 3. "Customer Evaluations" Please respond to the following: ?Yelp and Facebook are among the many growing social media sites allowing customers to give feedback about products, services, and experiences. This method allows for a passive approach to a problem or bad experience. For example, if someone had to wait 10 minutes in line for a latte, there may be no way for the barista to know this person waited this long or is disgruntled by the long wait. Design a process in which a small business can ensure customers are satisfied so that they do not quickly take a passive approach to merely complain to a large audience without first making someone at the business aware that a problem exists. ?We see surveys on all kinds of store receipts allowing consumers to give feedback in exchange for being entered into a drawing for a prize. Evaluate the purpose and usefulness of these surveys. Consider all stakeholders in your answer. 4. "Marketing Research " Please respond to the following: ?Of the marketing research tools identified in the textbook, evaluate those that would be most appropriate for a small business. ?When it comes to marketing research, speculate to the blunders that beginning marketers commonly make. Provide a rationale with your response.


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