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HW 4 HUA 125 Movie Poster;Movie posters are often very interesting dynamic designs. For this assignment, you?ll create a fictitious movie poster from of these genres;Horror;Comedy;Sci fi;Romance;Drama;History;Documentary;Create a Photoshop document that is 8? x 10? at 200 dpi resolution.;The background layer will contain your main image;The layers above will contain assorted images;The top layer will contain a type layer for the movie title.;Blend layers together to create an image that sets the mood for your movie and create a complex composite image.;Save the file as a layered psd file.;You must use;?;1 layer mask;?;1 color mode such as color burn or color dodge;?;1 instance of the transform tools;?;1 mask;?;1 path;Import the layered file into Illustrator and copy all to a new file;Open the file movie;Paste psd layers into this file;Using the example posters as your guide create all other type in Illustrator.;Place the completed the layered Illustrator file and the layered Photoshop file into a folder called yourlastname movie poster.


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