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Java query and update the text database for a library




Implement a program to query and update the text database for a library using a client/server model allowing multiple clients safe access to the database, and using a producer-consumer model to control the inventory of each item.;The project will be graded according the criteria for the final project - see below.;Elaboration;Multiple instances of a client class should be supported.;Use threads and locks to provide safe access to the database.;Add a field to each record in the dok kooatabase representing the maximum number of that book the library will hold. This number should be given a default value if the field is not present in the text file.;Functions should include;Returning a book to the library, blocking if the maximum number of that book is reached until a book is borrowed.;Borrowing a book, blocking if the desired book is not in the library until a book is returned.;Allow a client to cancel a request that has been blocked.;Deliverables;Java source code files;any configuration files used;a well-written Word document describing;your overall design, including a UML class diagram showing the type of the class relationships;description of how to set up your application;your test plan, including test data and results, with screen snapshots of each of your test cases;your approach, lessons learned, design strengths and limitations, and suggestions for future improvement and alternative approaches


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