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""read the nokia case in the attachment and provid...




""read the nokia case in the attachment and provide 3 pages dubble space. for some points down. 1- brief Summary . 2-Define Central Problem 3- Environmental Scan - 4-SWOT Analysis - 5-(Potential Strategies Company Should Use) - 6-the best strategy you think the company should implement. ( alternative strategy )as a marketing because this is marketing class. you can use the website to find some information about the case as the teacher said , and provide some source",hello , it just 3 pages dubble space it is not to much writing .,you can did thi assignment as the last assignment i sent you which was USPS case.,thank you so much,also, provide some sources , thanks,hello , do not write complex word to easy to understand , write as international student,Thanks so much for your help .,hello, thanks for your work again, but when i read the assignment i noticed that you did not write about Environmental Scan ,so if you could please write a small paragraph about that , i will be thank you .,thank you so much,thanks so much


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