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You are asked to complete a team project with a gr...




You are asked to complete a team project with a group of four to five people that you work with for the purpose of you to experience working in a group and to apply very specific concepts you are learning about leadership to this experience. In two pages or less: Identify the option you selected and answer the following questions: What is the purpose of the team? Who are the members in your team with which you will interact during this course? Do you already interact with these people? If so, do you typically act in a leadership role with these individuals or non-leadership role? What role are you taking in this project? (It is recommended you switch to a role you do not usually have. This will give you a different and more meaningful learning experience.) What is the purpose of your work within the group during this course? What change will you try to influence? Make sure you site your references on a seprate page


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