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Pljain, Can you work on answer these questions:-...




Pljain, Can you work on answer these questions:-Please late me know.Thanks Subject:- PSYC-305 Motivation and Leadership Team Roles: - Motivator (My Roles) Week 2 Team Assignments Select a leader to investigate. Please select someone who you think embodies excellent leadership and about whom there is significant media or literary coverage, NOT your Mom or Dad, even though they may be wonderful leaders. Some examples might include national political leaders, such as Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, Hillary Clinton, or Rudy Giuliani; leaders in business such as Steve Jobs, Meg Whitman, Bill Gates, or Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (ice cream founders); or historical leaders such as Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, or Martin Luther King. Describe and explain your chosen leader?s use of power ? use references, quotes, and /or photos to demonstrate their use of power. Use PowerPoint for your presentation. Remember to use good presentation techniques such as: Every slide should have clear, readable text no smaller than 28 point font ? remember to limit your use of full sentences. Each slide should also have some kind of visual to enhance the communication of that content. Using APA guidelines cite your sources, including in-text citations. The professional team product includes an introduction, multiple content slides, a conclusion, as well as a reference slide. Better products usually have about 15 - 20 slides (3 or 4 from each student). You may need more for more complex products. Every team member is expected to be assigned a section of the PowerPoint and to submit their slides to the team threads in time for the group to put them together into a final PowerPoint product. Be sure your team agrees on a due date for the slides so that one person isn't stuck trying to complete the project at the last minute. That is unacceptable in business and unacceptable in this class. Should there be any team members who don't do their fair share, they will NOT receive full credit for the assignment. If a team member does not participate at all, they will receive a 0 for the assignment. TEAM FACILITATOR: be sure to complete the "Group Process Evaluation Form" and post it in your team threads (or email it to your team members) so that they can chime in with their feedback before you post it in the week 2 team dropbox. This will be worth points for your team. Post your presentation in the team threads, doc sharing, and in the team assignment dropbox. The presentation is posted in the team threads so you can all work on it, and team leader or designee should post a final copy in doc sharing so other teams can see it. All participating team members should post the same final copy in his/her own team assignment dropbox, so that it can be graded.


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