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I need help with this homework ASAP!!! I have done research and just can't wrap my head around it correctly!;The state and capital relations, shown in the figure below, are described as follows;State (StateAbbrev, StateName, EnteredUnionOrder, StateBird, StatePopulation);Capital (CapitalName, State Abbrev, YearDesignated, PhoneAreaCode, CapitalPopulation);Foreign key: StateAbbrev to State relation;StateAbbrev;StateName;EnteredUnionOrder;StateBird;StatePopulation;CT;Connecticut;5;American robin;3,287,116;MI;Michigan;26;robin;9,295,297;SD;South Dakota;40;pheasant;696,004;TN;Tennessee;16;mockingbird;4,877,185;TX;Texas;25;mockingbird;16,986,510;CapitalName;StateAbbrev;YearDesignated;CapitalPopulation;Austin;TX;1845;465,622;Hartford;CT;1662;139,739;Lansing;MI;1847;127,321;Nashville;TN;1843;488,374;Pierre;SD;1889;12,906;Add the attribute "CountyName" for the county or counties containing the state capital to this database. Justify where you placed the attribute (that is, in an existing relation or in a new one), and draw the entity-relationship diagram for all of the entities using the AutoShapes in Microsoft Word.;Note: The counties for the state capitals shown in the figure above are as follows;Travis and Williamson Counties for Austin, TX;Hartford County for Hartford, CT;Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham Counties for Lansing, MI;Davidson County for Nashville, TN;Hughes County for Pierre, SD;Assignment Guidelines;In a Word document, explain where you would add the attribute CountyName for the county or counties containing the state capital to this simple database. Explain your solution.;Draw an entity-relationship diagram for all of the database's entities. You may use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Visio to create your diagram.


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