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Microsoft Project;This is an individual assignment. It?s an opportunity to become familiar with Microsoft Project. The schedule needs to have at least 30 lines in Project and have at least 10 relationships between tasks. A relationship is a link between tasks (ie finish to start). In addition, you should have at least 5 summary tasks. You also need to have 4 milestones. Don?t make life difficult. The schedule should be something easy like moving into a dorm room, getting your child ready for their first day of school, a party or a small task at work. Look in the Syllabus task on blackboard to access the video link and the tutorial on MS Project.;** Some students using the trial version of Microsoft Project have experienced a problem saving the assignment. One solution that has been used with success is to place the curser in the Gantt portion of the screen and try again.;You may use any project that you want to complete the Simple Schedule. For example, if you planned a party or a trip, that will work. Include all requirements shown on the assignment instructions;Simple Schedule Rubric;No Points Earned;50% Credit;Full Credit;Number of line;0 Lines;15 Lines;30 Lines;Relationships;0 Relationships;5 Relationships;10 Relationships;Summary Tasks;Summary tasks not created;2 Summary tasks created;5 Summary tasks created;Milestones;0 Milestones Created;2 Milestones Created;4 Milestones Created;For example video;External URL:


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